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Composer Danyel, John ( 1564 - 1626 )
No. Works
1 Can doleful notes?
2 Coy Daphne fled
3 Dost thou withdraw thy grace?
4 Drop not, mine eyes
5 Eyes, look no more
6 A fancy
7 Grief keep within
8 Have all our passions
9 He whose desires are still abroad
10 I die whenas I do not see
11 If I could shut the gate
12 Let not Chloris think
13 Like as the lute delights
14 Mistress Anne Grene her Leaves be Green
15 Monsieur’s Almain
16 Mrs M E her funeral tears for the death of her husband
17 No, let chromatic tunes
18 Now the earth, the skies, the air
19 The Passymeasures Galliard
20 Pavan in C major
21 Rosa
22 Stay, cruel, stay!
23 Thou pretty bird, how do I see
24 Time, cruel Time
25 Uncertain certain turns
26 What delight can they enjoy
27 Why canst thou not?
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