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Work(s) Moonlight and Balalaikas

1. Faun-Waltz (V Andreyev)
2. Solemn Polonaise (V Andreyev)
3. Symphonic Poem (N Fomin)
4. Russian Winter, musical picture (V Gorodovskaya)
5. Steppe All Around
6. Green Grass (arr. A Tsygankov)
7. Semenovna (arr. E Kuznetsov)
8. Ditty (A Tsygankov)
9. folk tune: The Moon is Shining
10. folk song: Evening Bells
11. Polyanka (arr. P Brailko)
12. Smolensk Gusachok (arr. A Shirokov)
13. Yesterday to me, Young Maiden (arr. A Shalov)
14. Gnats Are Plenty in the Woods (arr. A Shalov)
15. folk tune: Kamarinskaya
16. Russian folk tune: Peddlers
17. Joky Overture (A Kurghenko)

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                 Disc(s) with this work(s)
No. Performance Information Label/No. Format
1 Nikolai Kalinin/ Osipov Russian Folk Orchestra
Regis Records RRC1130 CD
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