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Work(s) The Marriage of England and Spain
Winchester Cathedral, 1554

1. Bendinelli: Levet
2. Morales: Jubilate Deo omnis terra
3. Plainchant: Introitus
4. Ap Rhys: Kyrie
5. Taverner: Gloria, Missa Gloria tibi Trinitas
6. Plainchant: Graduale
7. Sequentia
8. Taverner: Credo, Missa Gloria tibi Trinitas
9. Plainchant: Prefatio
10. Taverner: Sanctus, Missa Gloria tibi Trinitas
11. Cabezón: La dama le demanda
12. Morales: Pater noster
13. Taverner: Agnus Dei, Missa Gloria tibi Trinitas
14. Plainchant: Communio
15. Morales: O sacrum convivium
16. Plainchant: Postcommunio
17. Bendinelli: Levet
18. Gombert: Jouissance vous donnerai
19. Sermisy: Tant que vivray

                 Disc(s) with this work(s)
No. Performance Information Label/No. Format
1 Richard Cheetham/ Orchestra of the Renaissance
Glossa 31401 CD
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