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Work(s) Land of Heart's Desire (Songs of the Hebrides)

(Songs of the Hebrides from the collection
by Marjory Kennedy-Fraser)

1. Land of Heart's Desire
2. An Eriskay Love Lilt
3. Loch Broom Love Song
4. Loch Leven Love Lament
5. Caristiona
6. An Eriskay Lullaby
7. Kirsteen
8. A Thirteenth-Century Love Lilt
9. Benbecula Bridal Procession
10. The Witchery Milking Croon
11. The Uncanny Mannikin of the Cattlefold
12. Skye Water-Kelpie's Lullaby
13. The Harper
14. The Cockle Gatherer
15. Birds at the Fairy Fulling
16. Uist Cattle Croon
17. The Crone's Creel
18. Islay Reaper's Song
19. A Spinning Song
20. The Ship at Sea
21. Sea Wandering
22. Sea-Longing
23. The Reiving Ship
24. The Birlinn of the White Shoulders
25. Heart of Fire-Love
26. The Coolin of Rhum
27. The Leaping Galley
28. Isle of my Heart
29. Kishmul's Galley
30. Sleeps the noon in the deep blue sky
31. The Wild Swan
32. The Black Loorgin (A Hebridean Seafaring Song)
33. Dance to your Shadow
34. Aignish on the Machair

* Data: Hyperion Records, Ltd.

                 Disc(s) with this work(s)
No. Performance Information Label/No. Format
1 Lisa Milne (soprano), Sioned Williams (harp)
Hyperion CDH55204 CD
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