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Composer  Brahms, Johannes      (1833 - 1897)
Work(s) Pieces (8) for piano, Op. 76

* 8 Pieces for piano, Op. 76

No. 1 Capriccio in F sharp minor: Un poco agitato

No. 2 Capriccio in B minor: Allegretto non troppo

No. 3 Intermezzo in A flat major

No. 4 Intermezzo in B flat major: Allegretto grazioso

No. 5 Capriccio in C sharp minor: Agitato, ma non troppo presto

No. 6 Intermezzo in A major: Andante con moto

No. 7 Intermezzo in A minor: Moderato semplice

No. 8 Capriccio in C major: Grazioso ed un poco vivace

                 Disc(s) with this work(s)
No. Performance Information Label/No. Format
1 Julius Katchen (piano)
London/455247 6CD
2 Wilhelm Kempff (piano)
Deutsche Grammophon/474393 5CD
3 Gerhard Oppitz (piano)
RCA/82876678872 5CD
4 Hardy Rittner (piano)
MDG 90418106 SACD
5 Mikhail Rudy (piano)
EMI/573790 3CD
6 Dinorah Varsi (piano)
Philips/442589 2CD
7 Walter Gieseking (piano)
(No. 3 Intermezzo & No. 4 Intermezzo)
Andante/2090 4CD
8 Wilhelm Kempff (piano)
[No. 4 Intermezzo in B flat major]
BBC Legends/4114 CD
9 Evgeny Kissin (piano)
(No. 2 Capriccio B minor & No. 7 Intermezzo A minor)
RCA/63886 CD
10 Ivo Pogorelich (piano)
[No. 1 Capriccio in F sharp minor]
Deutsche Grammophon/4794350 14CD
11 Ignace Tiegerman (piano)
(No. 2 Capriccio)
Arbiter/116 2CD
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