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Composer  Beethoven, Ludwig Van      (1770 - 1827)
Work(s) Walisische Lieder (26), WoO 155

No.1 Sion, the son of Evan (Mrs. Grant)
No.2 The monks of Bangor's march (Walter Scott)
No.3 The Cottage Maid (W. Smyth)
No.4 Love without hope (J. Richardson)
No.5 The golden robe (Mrs. Hunter)
No.6 The fair maid of Mona (W. Smyth)
No.7 Oh let the night my blushes hide (W. Smyth)
No.8 Farewell, farewell thou noisy town (W. Smyth)
No.9 To the Aeolian harp (Mrs. Hunter)
No.10 Ned Pugh's Farewell (Mrs. Hunter)
No.11 Merch Megan (Mrs. Hunter)
No.12 Waken Lords and Ladies gay (Walter Scott)
No.13 Helpless Woman (R. Burns)
No.14 The Dream (David ap Gwillim)
No.15 When mortals all to rest retire (W. Smyth)
No.16 The Damsels of Cardigan (W. Jones)
No.17 The Dairy House (Mrs. Hunter)
No.18 Sweet Richard (Mrs. Opie)
No.19 The vale of Clwyd (Mrs. Opie)
No.20 To the blackbird (David ap Gwillim)
No.21 Cupid's Kindness (W. Smyth)
No.22 Constancy (R. Burns)
No.23 The old strain (W. Smyth)
No.24 Three hundred pounds (R. Litwyl)
No.25 The parting kiss (W. Smyth)
No.26 Good Night (W.R. Spencer)

* Data: Deutsche Grammophon, GmbH

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No. Performance Information Label/No. Format
1 Catrin Wyn-Davies, John Mark Ainsley, Ruby Philogene, Christopher Maltman
Deutsche Grammophon/4775128 7CD
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