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Composer  Beethoven, Ludwig Van      (1770 - 1827)
Work(s) Schottische Lieder (25), Op. 108

No.1 Music, Love and Wine (W. Smyth)
No.2 Sunset (Walter Scott)
No.3 Oh! Sweet were the hours (W. Smyth)
No.4 The Maid of Isla (Walter Scott)
No.5 The sweetest lad was Jamie (W. Smyth)
No.6 Dim, dim is my eye (W. Smyth?)
No.7 Bonny laddie, highland laddie (J. Hogg)
No.8 The lovely lass of Inverness (R. Burns)
No.9 Behold, my love, how green the groves (R. Burns)
No.10 Sympathy (W. Smith)
No.11 Oh! thou art the lad of my heart (W. Smith)
No.12 Oh! had my fate been join'd with thine (Lord Byron)
No.14 O, how can I be blithe and glad (R. Burns)
No.15 O cruel was my father (A. Ballantyne)
No.16 Could this ill world have been contriv'd (J. Hogg)
No.17 O Mary, at thy window be (R. Burns)
No.18 Enchantress, fare well (Walter Scott)
No.19 O swiftly glides the bonny boat (J. Baillie)
No.20 Faithfu' Johnie
No.21 Jeanie's Distress (W. Smyth)
No.22 The Highland Watch (J. Hogg)
No.23 The Shepherd's Song (J. Baillie)
No.24 Again, my Lyre (W. Smyth)
No.25 Sally in our Alley

* Data: Deutsche Grammophon, GmbH

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No. Performance Information Label/No. Format
1 Thomas Allen, Catrin Wyn-Davies, Toby Spence, Felicity Lott,
Janice Watson, Timothy Robinson, Sarah Walker, John Mark Ainsley, Christopher Maltman, Ruby Philogene
Deutsche Grammophon/4775128 7CD
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