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Composer  Beethoven, Ludwig Van      (1770 - 1827)
Work(s) Quintet for piano, oboe, clarinet, horn & bassoon in E flat major, Op. 16
                 Disc(s) with this work(s)
No. Performance Information Label/No. Format
1 Daniel Barenboim (piano), Hansjörg Schellenberger (oboe), Larry Combs (clarinet), Dale Clevenger (horn), Daniele Damiano (bassoon)
Erato/96359 CD
2 Dennis Brain (horn), Dennis Brain Wind Ensemble
BBC Legends/4048 CD
3 Benjamin Britten (piano), Dennis Brain Wind Quintet
BBC Legends/4164 CD
4 Peter Donohoe (piano), Netherlands Wind Ensemble
Chandos/9470 CD
5 Walter Gieseking (piano), Philharmonia Wind Quartet
Testament/1091 CD
6 Francois-Frederic Guy (piano), Hélène Devilleneuve (oboe),
Jérôme Voisin (clarinet), Antoine Dreyfuss (horn), Jean-François Duquesnoy (bassoon)
Naive V5148 CD
7 Stephen Hough (piano)
Philharmonisches Bläserquintett Berlin
BIS-CD-1552 CD
8 Jos van Immerseel (pianoforte)
Ensemble Octophoros
Accent ACC58538D CD
9 Anton Kuerti (piano), James Campbell (clarinet), James Sommerville (horn), James McKay (bassoon), James Mason (oboe)
CBC/1137 CD
10 Eric Le Sage (piano), Les Vents Français
Warner 2564623185 3CD
11 James Levine (piano), Ensemble Wien-Berlin
DGG/453772 6CD
12 Robert Levin (fortepiano)
Academy of Ancient Music Chamber Ensemble
Decca/455994 CD
13 Radu Lupu (piano), George Pieterson (clarinet), Hans de Vries (oboe), Vicente Zarzo (horn), Brian Pollard (bassoon)
Decca 4782922 6CD
14 Radu Lupu (piano), George Pieterson (clarinet), Hans de Vries (oboe), Vicente Zarzo (horn), Brian Pollard (bassoon)
Decca/4757065 4CD
15 Rudolf Serkin (piano), John de Lancie (oboe), Anthony Gigliotti (clarinet), Mason Jones (horn), Sol Schoenbach (bassoon)
Sony 1SK93909 CD
16 Belgian Wind Quintet
Discover 920322 CD
17 Gaudier Ensemble
Hyperion/67526 CD
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