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Composer  Beethoven, Ludwig Van      (1770 - 1827)
Work(s) Irish Lieder (12), WoO 154

No.1 The Elfin Fairies (D. Thomson)
No.2 O harp of Erin (D. Thomson)
No.3 The Farewell Song (W. Smyth)
No.4 The puls of an Irishman (A. Boswell)
No.5 Oh! who, my dear Dermot (W. Smyth)
No.6 Put round the bright wine (W. Smith)
No.7 From Garyone, my happy home (T. Toms)
No.8 Save me from the grave and wise (W. Smyth)
No.9 Oh! would I were but that sweet linnet (W. Smyth)
No.10 The hero may perish his country (W. Smith)
No.11 The soldier in a foreign land (J. Baillie)
No.12 He promis'd me at parting (W. Smith)

* Data: Deutsche Grammophon, GmbH

                 Disc(s) with this work(s)
No. Performance Information Label/No. Format
1 Ann Murray, Felicity Lott, John Mark Ainsley, Thomas Allen, Sarah Walker, Toby Spence, Janice Watson
Deutsche Grammophon/4775128 7CD
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