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Composer  Beethoven, Ludwig Van      (1770 - 1827)
Work(s) Irische Lieder (25), WoO 152

No.1 The Return to Ulster (Walter Scott)
No.2 Sweet power of song (J. Baillie)
No.3 Once more I hail thee (R. Burns)
No.4 The morning air plays on my face (J. Baillie)
No.5 On the Massacre of Glencoe (Walter Scott)
No.6 What shall I do to shew how much I love her
No.7 His boat comes on the sunny tide (J. Baillie)
No.8 Come draw we round a cheerful ring (J. Baillie)
No.9 The Soldier's Dream (Th. Campbell)
No.10 The Deserter (J.P. Curran)
No.11 Thou emblem of faith (J.P. Curran)
No.12 English Bulls
No.13 Musing on the roaring ocean (R. Burns)
No.14 Dermot and Shelah (T. Toms)
No.15 Let brainspinning swains (A. Boswell)
No.16 Hide not thy anguish (W. Smyth)
No.17 In vain to this desert (Mrs. Grant/R. Burns)
No.18 They bid me slight my Dermot dear (W. Smyth)
No.19 Wife, Children and Friends (W.R. Spencer)
No.20 Farewell bliss and farewell Nancy (Mrs. Grant)
No.21 Morning a cruel Turmoiler is (A. Boswell)
No.22 From Garyone, my happy home (T. Toms)
No.23 The wand'ring gypsy (Dr. Wolcot)
No.24 The Traugh welcome
No.25 O harp of Erin (D. Thomson)

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1 Christopher Maltman, Ann Murray, John Mark Ainsley, Felicity Lott, Thomas Allen
Deutsche Grammophon/4775128 7CD
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