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Label/No. & Format Priory Records/774 CD
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Release Date: December 2003

* Great European Organs No. 68
Keith John plays the Organ of Fulda Cathedral

No. Composer Works Performance Information
1 Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus Adagio and fugue in C minor, K 546 Keith John (organ)
2 Schumann, Robert Alexander Toccata for piano in C major, Op. 7 Keith John (organ)
3 Topfer (Johan Gottlob Töpfer) Sonata for organ in D minor Keith John (organ)
4 Peeters, Flor Variations on an original theme, Op. 58 Keith John (organ)
5 Wiedermann, Bedrich Notturno for organ Keith John (organ)
6 Guillou, Jean Variations (18) for organ Keith John (organ)
7 Ropek, Jirí Variations on ‘Victimae paschali laudes’ Keith John (organ)
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