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Label/No. & Format Decca 4782364 8CD
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Release Date: September 6, 2010 (U.K.)

* Bartok: Complete Solo Piano Music [Box Set]
Zoltan Kocsis, piano

No. Composer Works Performance Information
1 Bartok, Béla Allegro barbaro for piano, Sz 49 Zoltán Kocsis (piano)
2 Bartok, Béla Bagatelles (14) for piano, Op. 6, Sz 38 Zoltán Kocsis (piano)
3 Bartok, Béla Dance Suite, Sz 77 Zoltán Kocsis (piano)
4 Bartok, Béla Dirges (4) for piano, Sz 45 Zoltán Kocsis (piano)
5 Bartok, Béla For Children, Sz 42 (Vol. 1-4) Zoltán Kocsis (piano)
6 Bartok, Béla Etudes (3) for piano, Op. 18, Sz 72 Zoltán Kocsis (piano)
7 Bartok, Béla The First Term at the Piano, Sz 53 Zoltán Kocsis (piano)
8 Bartok, Béla Elegies (2) for piano, Op. 8b, Sz 41 Zoltán Kocsis (piano)
9 Bartok, Béla Hungarian Folksongs (3) from the Csík District, Sz 35a Zoltán Kocsis (piano)
10 Bartok, Béla Hungarian Folk Tunes (3) for piano, Sz 66 Zoltán Kocsis (piano)
11 Bartok, Béla Improvisations (8) on Hungarian Peasant Songs, Op. 20, Sz 74 Zoltán Kocsis (piano)
12 Bartok, Béla Mikrokosmos, Sz 107 (Vol.1-6) Zoltán Kocsis (piano)
13 Bartok, Béla Pieces (4) for piano, BB 27 Zoltán Kocsis (piano)
14 Bartok, Béla Out of Doors (En plein air) for piano, Sz 81 Zoltán Kocsis (piano)
15 Bartok, Béla Little pieces (9) for piano, Sz 82 Zoltán Kocsis (piano)
16 Bartok, Béla Petite Suite for piano, Sz 105 Zoltán Kocsis (piano)
17 Bartok, Béla Burlesques (3) for piano, Op. 8c, Sz 47 Zoltán Kocsis (piano)
18 Bartok, Béla Hungarian Peasant Songs (for piano), Sz 71 Zoltán Kocsis (piano)
19 Bartok, Béla Easy pieces (10) for piano, Sz 39 Zoltán Kocsis (piano)
20 Bartok, Béla Marche funèbre (from “Kossuth”), BB 31 Zoltán Kocsis (piano)
21 Bartok, Béla Rhapsody for piano Op. 1, Sz. 26 Zoltán Kocsis (piano)
22 Bartok, Béla Rhapsody for piano and orchestra, Op. 1, Sz 27 Zoltán Kocsis (piano)
23 Bartok, Béla Romanian Christmas Carols for piano, Sz 57 Zoltán Kocsis (piano)
24 Bartok, Béla Romanian Dances (2) for piano Op. 8a, Sz 43 Zoltán Kocsis (piano)
25 Bartok, Béla Romanian Folk Dances, Sz 56 Zoltán Kocsis (piano)
26 Bartok, Béla Rondos (3) on Slovak Folktunes, Sz 84 Zoltán Kocsis (piano)
27 Bartok, Béla Sketches (7) for piano, Op. 9b, Sz 44 Zoltán Kocsis (piano)
28 Bartok, Béla Sonata for piano, Sz. 80 Zoltán Kocsis (piano)
29 Bartok, Béla Sonatina for piano, Sz. 55 Zoltán Kocsis (piano)
30 Bartok, Béla Suite for piano, Op. 14, Sz 62 Zoltán Kocsis (piano)
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